Privacy policy

We would like you to read this policy where complete and transparent information about how your data is treated on this website can be found. The objective of the data collection, collection systems and used tools are also explained below.

This policy defines the conditions applied to the domain :

Only one person is responsible for this domain and for any information obtained through the link above.

I would like to encourage you to read thoroughly these terms and conditions before you insert your personal data on this website. Any person over thirteen years olds is allowed to register as a user on without their parent or guardian’s consent.

Parent or guardian’s consent for the treatment of personal data is required for children under thirteen years old.

Under no circumstances, will information be collected from underaged children about their employment or economic situation, or personal information about any family member without their consent.

If you are under thirteen years old and have accessed this website without your parent’s consent you should not register as a user.

Personal information from our users is treated with respect and care on this website. The user’s rights are always respected.

We tried to create a secure and trustful space, so we would like to share our principles related to your privacy:

  • We never request personal information unless strictly necessary in order to provide the service you need.
  • We never share personal information about our users, except for law requirements our when personal consent is given.
  • We never use your personal information with a different objective from what is detailed in our privacy policy.

We would like to warn you that this privacy policy may suffer changes subjected to legislation or self-regulation requirements. This applies to any form filled with personal information.

Confecciones Nalo S.A. adapted this website to the requirements of Organic Law 15/1999, 13th of December, about personal data protection and Royal Decree 170/2007, 21st of December, known as rule of procedure LOPD. It also meets Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27th of April 2016 on the protection of natural persons (GDTR), as well as Law 34/2002, 11th of July, on information society services and e-commerce (LSSICE or LSSI).


Entity responsible for the treatment of your personal information

  • Responsible company: Confecciones Nalo S.A.
  • Commercial name: Confecciones Nalo.
  • TIN: A14026199
  • Address: 1-5 Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza Road, Pozoblanco, Cordoba, 14400.
  • Email address:
  • Activity: 0000 clothing production and distribution

According to the above-mentioned General Regulation on Data Protection, any personal data provided on our website’s forms will be treated as “website user’s” data.

All technical and organising measures established in the current legislation will be implemented for the treatment of the user’ data.


Treatment of your personal information

Your personal information will be treated according to the principles stated below, which adhere to the new European Regulation on Data Protection:

  • Principle of legality, loyalty and transparency: Your consent will always be required for the use of your personal data with one or more specific purposes which will be previously communicated with total transparency.
  • Principle of data minimization: Only the minimum necessary data will be required to meet our purposes.
  • Principle of limitation of data storage time: Data will only be stored for a strictly necessary period of time. The storage time will be communicated, and, in the case of subscriptions, our databases will be regularly checked in order to delete the data from any long-term inactive registrations.
  • Principle of integrity and confidentiality: Your data will be treated in a manner that adequate safety for your personal information is ensured and confidentiality is guaranteed. Every necessary precaution will be considered to avoid non-authorised access or inadequate use of our user’s personal data.


How was your personal information obtained?

Personal information used by Confecciones Nalo S.A. is obtained from:

  • Contact from.


What are your rights when providing your data?

You have the right to obtain information about whether Confecciones Nalo S.A. is using your data.

You have the right to:

  • Request the access to personal information about yourself.
  • Request the modification or elimination of your data.
  • Request the limitation of your data usage.
  • Reject the use of your data.
  • Request the transfer of your data.

You will be able to access your personal information and request the modification of any inaccuracy or its elimination when this data is not necessary for the purpose they were requested for. In some cases, you can request the limitation of your data usage, and it will be stored just for addressing possible claims.

In some cases, and when justified by particular reasons, you will be able to reject the use of your data. Confecciones Nalo S.A. will stop using your data, except in specific situations required by the legislation or when addressing possible claims. Due to the type of information this website obtains, the transfer of your data is not possible.

A claim can be filed through the control authority, The Spanish Agency for Data Protection, if inadequate use of personal information is suspected.


With what purpose is your personal data used?

Confecciones Nalo S.A. is responsible for personal information provided by users who use this website, for instance, to send an email to the company. This information can include personal data such as IP address, name, email address, phone number, etc. When providing information, users consent to its collection, use, management and storage by Confecciones Nalo S.A. as described in the Legal Advice and this Privacy Policy document.

The different forms used by this domain in order to collect information from clients are listed below:

  • Contact form: personal information such as name and surnames, email address are requested in order to address the user’s needs. For instance, this information can be used to address the client’s requests, questions, comments, claims or doubts related to the website’s information, any service provided through the website, the use of personal information, legal texts on the website or any doubt not directly related to the contracted terms and conditions. Be aware that any data provided is located in the servers Sur Industrial Avances Tecnológicos S.L. (hosting providers for Confecciones Nalo S.A.) which are located in the EU, however their headquarters are in the USA. This is a company that meets the RGPD legislation.

Other purposes for the use of the collected data are listed below:

  • To ensure that the user’s conditions and law are met. This may involve the development of tools and algorithms which facilitate the confidentiality of the collected information on this website.
  • To support and improve this website’s services.
  • Other non-identifying data is collected via cookies which are downloaded into the user’s computer when navigating on this website. This is specified in the cookies policy.

Confecciones Nalo S.A., 1-5 Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza road, 14400, Pozoblanco, Cordoba, is responsible for the use of the website user’s data in compliance with European General Legislation for data protection.

Confecciones Nalo S.A. does not and will not sell, rent or provide personal information about our clients without their previous consent. However, collaborations may exist with other companies. In these situations, previous consent is required from users and information about the collaborator’s identity and the aim of this collaboration will be provided. The highest safety standards will be met in these situations.


Data use licitness

Consent is the legal basis for the use of the user’s data.

In order to contact or send a comment through this website, consent to this privacy policy is required.

The products or services provided on this website require the user’s consent. Rejection of this consent does not imply a modification of the subscription contract.


Data categories

The data collected on this website falls into the next categories:

Identifying data: name, surnames and email address.

This web does not use especially protected data.


How long is your personal information stored for?

Provided personal information will be stored:

  • Until the user requests their elimination. Or until the end of the agreement in case of commercial collaboration and the user requests their elimination.


Who will receive your personal information?

Many of the tools used to manage the user’s data are hired from third parties. In order to provide the strictly necessary services for the correct activity of this website, Confecciones Nalo S.A. shares data with the companies listed below, which have their own privacy conditions:

Google Analytics: A website analysis service provided by Google, Inc., a Delaware company which headquarters are located in 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, United States (“Google”). Google Analytics uses “cookies”, which are text files located on your computer, they help to analyse the use of the website. The information collected by cookies about the use of (including the user’s IP address) is directly sent and stored by Google in their USA servers.

Hosting: Sur Industrial Avances Tecnológicos S.L., which has different offices in the European Union. More information can be found on Sur industrial Avances Tecnológicos S.L. uses this data with the purpose of providing maintenance, hosting and email services to Confecciones Nalo S.A.



Non-identifying data (IP address, approximate location, website use, and other data which cannot be used to identify the user) may be collected from the user when browsing Data related to browsing habits, collected for third parties, can also be considered non-identifying. This website uses the third party’s services listed below:

  • Google analytics.

This information is used to analyse trends, manage the website, trace the user’s browsing on the website and to collect demographic information.


Data secrecy and safety

Confecciones Nalo S.A. commits to a safe use and treatment of personal information collected from users. Confidentiality is respected, and it is only used for the above detailed purposes. Finally, data is safely stored and any necessary measure to prevent alteration, loss or non-authorised use or access is taken in compliance with the current legislation for data protection.

This website has an SSL certificate. This is a security protocol which ensures data safe transfer between the user and the server, this is completely coded and encrypted.

Confecciones Nalo S.A. cannot guarantee the internet’s absolute impregnability and therefore will not be responsible for any fraudulent access to personal data.

Regarding the process confidentiality, Confecciones Nalo S.A. will ensure that any authorised person who accesses and manages the user’s information (staff, collaborators and third parties) is obligated to keep its contractual or legal confidentiality.

Confecciones Nalo S.A. will immediately communicate any security breach and will provide relevant and accurate information about the incident upon request.


Data exactitude and accuracy

The user is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided to, Confecciones Nalo S.A. will not be held responsible for data inaccuracy.

The user is responsible for the accuracy of the personal information provided and must commit to update it when necessary. Complete and truthful information must be provided in the contact form or subscription process.


Acceptance and consent

The user must confirm that they have received information about personal data protection and accept and consent to the use of this data by Confecciones Nalo S.A. as stated in this privacy policy.



Consent for the use and share of personal information can be revoked anytime. For this, Confecciones Nalo S.A. must be informed within the terms established in this policy (ARCO rights). Revocability of the user’s consent is not retroactive.


Changes in the privacy policy

Confecciones Nalo S.A. has the right to modify this policy in order to adapt it to legislation or jurisprudence modifications and to industrial activity. Should this happen, Confecciones Nalo S.A. will communicate beforehand any future modification through this website.


Commercial mailing will not send SPAM, therefore no commercial emails will be sent unless previously requested or authorised by the user. Users have the option to consent to receive a commercial brochure in each of the website’s forms. This is independent from any punctual commercial information request. commits not to send any commercial communication that has not been previously identified, this adheres to Law 34/2002 of Society of Information Services and Electronic Commerce.